What will people do to celebrate you when you pass? I hope that someone cares enough about me when I die, to try a very, very old beer.

Ol' Adolph Coors himself might shed a tear over this story of love, beer, and keeping a promise. Excuse me, I need to get a fresh tissue.

This woman, who lives in South Dakota, lost her husband five years ago in 2016; five years short of their 50th wedding anniversary. They had made a promise regarding this one can of Coors that they had, and she kept up her end of the deal.

In 1971, you could only buy Coors within Colorado; so while the two were visiting at that time, they bought one 8-ounce can of Coors. The husband suggested that they open it on their 50th.

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Ed was a pastor and moved the family all over the U.S. for his job, bringing along that can of the Banquet, but...

Please hold, new tissue..

Ed didn't make it to his 50th wedding anniversary with Diane, on February 14, 2021, due to cancer.

Damn, cancer.

I picture Diane, after Ed's passing, going through things and coming upon this can of Coors, 'No, keep that, it's special.' I can only hope it was in the back of the fridge.

Recently, Diane and her son honored Ed, and opened up that can of Coors and gave it a try. 'It wasn't bad,' she said.

That's love.

[Source: BroBible]


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