Yesterday morning (Dec. 13) around 8:30 a.m., Poudre Fire Authority (PFA) released that rescue efforts were implemented to save a dog that found itself stuck on an icy lake with no way off.

According to the post, a call came in about a dog that found itself stranded on a lake off of Country Road 44 and Prospect Road.

When officials arrived at the lake, and according to the initial call and report, the dog was unable to make it to shore and kept falling through the thin ice on the surface of the water.

Thankfully, once PFA was on the scene, a trained officer in an ice suit ventured onto the ice to save the dog. The responder used a body board to hold the dog and fellow rescuers pulled them onto the shore.

After the incident with the dog, responders have used this an example of what to do if you find you, or your pet, in a situation like this. The best approach, they remind us, is to call for help from trained professionals.

Members of the public are encouraged to not attempt a rescue effort in a similar situation on their own.

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