As we kick off 2024, one beloved Colorado attraction is now "homeless" after its current landlord is ending its current lease months earlier than planned. What's the plan now?

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Popular Colorado Attraction To Close Current Location

We said goodbye to many Colorado favorites in 2023, and now the closures look to continue as we kick off 2024. It's never easy to see a place that you enjoy close down, it's even more of a bummer when that place has to close because they're being thrown out because of a landlord dispute.

We saw quite a few shops, restaurants, and forms of entertainment shut their doors over the last year, and now we can prepare to say goodbye to one of Colorado's most popular museums.

Rodz & Bodz Movie Car Museum Closing Doors In February At Colorado Mills Mall

The popular one-of-a-kind Colorado Movie Car Museum, "Rodz & Bodz," announced last month that it would not be staying in its current location after its current lease expired this coming summer. Now, they've announced that the closure timeline has drastically moved up and they need a new location as soon as possible.

Before we get into the details, let's take a look inside of this awesome Colorado attraction.

Ever Seen This Colorado Movie Car Museum? It's Pretty Rad

Opening in the Colorado Mills Mall in 2021, Rodz & Bodz has brought countless smiles and memories to 100s of thousands of folks from all over the country. Now, before they leave this current location in 2024, this popular Colorado attraction is one you've got to see if you've not yet experienced it. Rodz & Bodz Movie Car Museum is a real treat.

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

Colorado Mills Mall is also the home of Colorado's only indoor action park. Have you been?

This Colorado Slide & Action Park Is One Of The Best In The Country

We got to visit Colorado's newest action park and it was so much fun. These slides get some serious air!

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

Colorado's Casa Bonita Worth The Money? Full Review With Pix

Yes, Casa Bonita is back, and better than ever. It's truly remarkable how they were able to re-do so much, yet it still felt just as "homey" as it has all these years. They didn't take away the things that made Casa Bonita the Colorado, and now the worldwide icon that it is. Let me start with the look... It looks fantastic. They nailed the upgrades and renovations. The service was phenomenal. The entertainment was fantastic as well. The food? We'll get to that... But allow us to take you inside and give you a sneak peek at the Colorado Icon that is, Casa Bonita!

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

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