2024 is in Colorado starting very similar to 2023 as far as local business closures go. This very popular Colorado Aquarium has announced that it's closing this week, Here's all we know...

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Colorado Aquarium To Permanently Close This Week


Sadly, a theme from 2023 that we hoped would slow or go away is already spreading into 2024 as we just get things going. Saying goodbye to your favorite places around the state that you enjoy visiting can be tough, We did quite a bit of that in 2023 and unfortunately, 2024 doesn't look any better.

From shops to restaurants, entertainment, etc., we've had our fair share of saying farewell to great local businesses. Now, one of Colorado's favorite local aquariums has announced that it's sunk, and going out of business.

SeaQuest In Littleton, Colorado, Closing

Opening in the summer of 2018 in the Southwest Plaza Mall in Littleton, SeaQuest promotes having over 2 million people visit them each year. So, if that's the case, why are they suddenly closing down?

On SeaQuest's Facebook page, they said:

We are saddened to announce that Sunday, February 4th, is the last day our Littleton, CO, location will be open. We encourage all guests to come in and see us one last time and experience some fun with our beautiful animals and marine wildlife.

Full post below...

Announcing its closure so suddenly has, and disabling comments on their post has people wondering why this has happened so quickly, but SeaQuest has closed two other locations in Georgia, and Connecticut, so this is becoming a theme.

It does appear that the Littleton location in particular has had many complaints filed by PETA, as well as having their license for certain animals suspended back in 2019, by the Colorado Parks And Wildlife. The reason for the suspension was due to multiple injury reports.

Regardless of the reason, if you loved SeaQuest, or maybe never even heard of it but wanted to check it out, its final day in business will be this Sunday, February 4th. Speaking of bummer Colorado business closures, here are some of the major ones we've lost in the last year.

All the Businesses Colorado Sadly Lost In This Last Year

While the list is much longer, here are some of the Colorado businesses that we were most sad to see go in 2023.

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