While Pokemon Go has taken over the lives of Northern Coloradans, businesses have jumped at the opportunity to turn a profit. Now, people are taking advantage of the game to help out their favorite causes.

A Pokemon Go "vending machine" popped up in City Park in Fort Collins on Sunday. Created by 14-year-old Sirynne Tooley, she and her family set up shop on the west side of the lake to sell lemonade, soda pop, water, Sun Chips, and other goodies to Pokemon Go players. At the end of the day, all proceeds were donated to the Larimer Humane Society.

Photo courtesy of Lorene Martinez
Photo courtesy of Lorene Martinez

Tooley's mom, Lorene, told me in a Facebook message that they haven't spent much time at the shelter. However, her daughter wanted to donate to the Larimer Humane Society based purely on the fact that she loves animals (or "real-life Pokemon," as she calls them).

Pokemon Go quickly caught on worldwide, and has even helped millennials rediscover Northern Colorado. While some of us just don't get it (which is fine), it's great to see Pokemon Go is inspiring people to help others!

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