A number of students and staff at Platte Valley Elementary are in quarantine following the discovery of a positive COVID-19 case.

According to a Facebook post from Platte Valley School District RE7, the Weld County Health Department notified the school about the case on Saturday (September 5).

While the post did not reveal how many individuals are affected, Superintendent Glenn McClain said that the district has notified those who need to quarantine.

However, he noted that the school's response to the case may change, pending guidance from the health department.

"We believe we have followed the CDPHE protocols, but we have not received confirmation from the Weld County Health Department," said McClain in the post. "If the response from Weld County Health Department changes our response, then I will send out an update and contact anyone affected."

In response to a comment on the post, McClain stated that the case did not warrant a closure of the school.

Platte Valley Elementary is now one of the many Weld County schools that have had to implement quarantines due to the virus.

Other Colorado institutions, including Colorado College, Josephine Hodgkins Leadership Academy, and Lamar Middle School, have also seen positive cases.

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