Colorado Parks and Wildlife confirmed Wednesday that they have evidence of a wolf pack residing in Colorado's Moffat County.

CPW discovered an animal carcass surrounded by large wolf tracks on January 19 in Moffat County. Wildlife officers said they could distinctly hear wolves howling in the area. Later, officers used binoculars to observe approximately 6 wolves.

Governor Jared Polis said this in a news release from CPW:

“This is a historic sighting. While lone wolves have visited our state periodically including last fall, this is very likely the first pack to call our state home since the 1930s. I am honored to welcome our canine friends back to Colorado after their long absence.  It’s important that Coloradans understand that the gray wolf is under the protection of the Endangered Species Act. While the animals have naturally migrated to our state and their presence draws public interest, it’s important that people give them space. Due to their Protected status, there are severe federal penalties for anyone that intentionally harms or kills wolves in our state.”

If you see a wolf, CPW would like you to fill out the Wolf Sighting Form that can be found on the CPW website.

Source: CPW

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