Your furry friend may soon be able to accompany you to dinner thanks to a new proposed bill.

Dogs are not technically allowed on restaurant patios in Colorado, save for a few exceptions.

According to The Denver Post, the state's current dog and restaurant rules are as follows:

  • Restaurants must provide street or sidewalk patio entrances for customers with dogs.
  • Restaurants must have a sign signifying that dogs are allowed.
  • Seating without dogs must be available.
  • Smaller patios under 400 square feet cannot allow dogs if there is wait-service.

Senator Kerry Donovan and Representative Alec Garnett felt that these rules were too strict, so they created Senate Bill 20-078, which would helps restaurants cater to dog owners.

However, Donovan states that the bill will not allow just any dog on a patio. They must be a good dog, and restaurants will be allowed to opt out of the bill if they choose to.

The bill will clarify where a dog may sit on a patio and where food would be prepared if dogs are allowed. All dogs would still have to be on leashes.

Donovan believes the bill will help businesses better understand restaurant guidelines when it comes to dogs, particularly if the business wants to be dog-friendly.

If the bill is passed, it will likely take effect around late summer or early fall.

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