The New England Patriots have officially announced their practice plans for next week in Colorado, and it doesn't include Northern Colorado in their schedule.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, the defending Super Bowl champions have chosen Air Force Academy as their spot to practice from Sunday, November 12th - November 15th.

The team will then fly to Mexico City for their game against the Oakland Raiders the following weekend.

However, no announcement has been made on if the general public will be able to watch the team practice or if there will be other opportunities with the team.

The reasoning behind the Patriots staying in Colorado the week after their game with the Broncos is so they can stay accustomed to the high elevation before taking on the elevation in Mexico City. The elevation for that city is 7,280 feet.

Air Force Academy offers the team outdoor facilities as well as the ability to use the academy's indoor Holaday Athletic Center.

So while they may not be in Northern Colorado next week, maybe you need to take the trip to Colorado Springs for a few days. You never know, you may just stumble across a defending champion.

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