It's been six years. Six LONG years since the Denver Broncos have made it to the playoffs. In fact, the last playoff game they played...was a doozie. It was the Super Bowl 50 win over the Carolina Panthers. Now, before I get to my solution to getting the Broncos back to relevancy and playoff football again...

Let's pause for a moment and reflect on Denver's last postseason game:

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That was nice, right? But at the same time, it's a little painful because that was a long time ago and the only player from that team that's still with the Broncos is the kicker, Brandon McManus.

Sure, the Broncos need a few things to get back to the playoffs, but I said it at the end of last year and I'll say it again: This team is SO CLOSE to getting over the hump and becoming a legit contender; it's ridiculous.

Look, I'm not going to sit here and say I'm a die-hard Broncos fan, because the truth is, I don't bleed blue and orange. BUT we do love Colorado and have adopted the Broncos.

I grew up back East and have been a die-hard Steelers fan since I was old enough to know what a football is, and with my son being born in Seattle, he loves his Seahawks. Even so, we promise we've adopted the Broncos and want to see them do well.


AJ Battalio/TSM
AJ Battalio/TSM



We have a blast going to the games and I feel like Broncos Country deserves a winner, and from what my two eyes have seen, they're not far away at all.

The defense is stacked with talent, they have arguably one of the best running back tandems in the league with Melvin Gordon and Javonte Williams, a nice corps of receivers and tight ends and a kicker who is still practically money on field goals (although he DID miss a pretty big one against the Bengals at the end of the half).

The next two things, one of which Broncos Country is well aware of and the other most probably are not. First, the obvious: The Broncos need to get a new quarterback and to move on to a new coach.

The second thing that most fans might not be aware of is the fact that in the four games I attended at Empower Field with my son this year, they've won. And the four games we didn't go to, they lost.

So, it's pretty simple to me. The team needs to hook us up with season tickets next year (along with getting that quarterback and new coach) and I can pretty much guarantee a division title and playoff run for Broncos Country.

Heck, we'd even be willing to travel with the team to road games if they want to hook us up with that as well.

Just know...we're here for you Broncos Country!



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