If fully approved, work will begin to turn the Draper Drugs and Heartland Cafe building in downtown Loveland into The Draper, with residences and retail, along with a parking garage

The northeast block of Lincoln Avenue and Fourth Street in downtown Loveland, Colorado, has seen nearly a dozen businesses dating back to the late 1800s. Most notably, the corner was home to Draper Drug Store from 1936 to 1986 and Heartland Cafe from 1986 to 2015.

Coming within the next couple of years to Fourth and Lincoln will be The Draper, "Urban Living Within the Heart of Loveland." The Draper will have 96 residential units (mostly one-bedroom units) above retail, much like Lincoln Place at Fifth and Lincoln. They will be doing a lot of work on five buildings along Fourth and Lincoln; if everything they plan to do gets approved, it should look great.

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There has been a lot of talk these days about the parking situation in downtown Loveland, even without 96 apartment units coming in. You might be pleased to know that the project's plans do include a new parking garage for downtown.

Where will the new downtown Loveland parking garage be?

You might be familiar with the parking lot (surface parking) at Jefferson and Fifth Street, behind The Black Steer. Here's a snapshot.

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There are currently 56 parking spaces in that lot (I didn't think it was that many). The proposed parking garage would go right there and look like the photo below.


Will the new Loveland parking garage be only for Draper residents?

No. There will reserved spots for residents, but with the new garage having 277 spaces, total, there will be about 115 additional spaces than the current lot is providing.

Who will be paying for the downtown Loveland parking garage?

According to documentation presented,

Staff, along with the Downtown Development Authority, are in discussions with the developer about the use of tax-increment and other public financing options for the construction, operations, and maintenance of the district parking garage, as proposed.


Will the garage have a mural?

A mural is not mentioned in the proposal, but probably so. Just look at how one of the other garages appears with art.

TSM/Dave Jensen

Initial plans have The Draper set for completion by the summer of 2023.

[Source: City of Loveland]

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