I mean, I'm not here to say werewolves are real or not, but this creepy Yellowstone wolf kind of gives me the notion that it may not necessarily be a full-on wolf. But, still, this guy isn't one to mess with, that's for sure! Have you ever watched the show that was on Sci-Fy a while back, "Being Human"? That's where I got all my knowledge on werewolves and I feel like they forgot to hang a roast around a tree for this guy to follow before they turned into a wolf for the night.

Just the harrowing look of the wolf staring straight at the camera. Kind of gives me the willies. Also, at the same time, their tail kind of wags and makes you think that most of our pets evolved from this. I do like that they have their snout covered in snow. They must have caught a trail of something.

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As the calendar turns to Spring, these guys will be more mobile and around more if you're camping. So it's a good idea to keep in mind that we vacation where they live. It's their land, their rules. It's not surprising to walk upon one while you're out. I mean, it won't be like it is in Yellowstone where a wolf just kind of follows one of the characters. You'll more likely just see them pop up, or more likely, they'll see you and you won't see them.  Either way, it's still really cool to see a Yellowstone wolf like this.

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