We're the new kids on the block. The pesky little Northern Colorado FC from right here in Windsor, Colo. took down mighty Real Salt Lake from Major League Soccer last night during U.S. Open Cup play in Salt Lake City in only Northern Colorado's fourth game ever.

If you're not familiar with soccer or the meaning of this, let me put this to you in simple terms: it's massive in so many different ways. Especially considering we are a start-up and brand new team playing in only its fourth game ever in the USL which, while a professional soccer league, it is a Division 2 league.

You can equate this to a AA or AAA baseball team beating a Major League Baseball team or the Colorado Eagles beating a team from the NHL. Massive, just massive, for the Hailstorm FC


This was a stunning result and a tribute to all of the hard work being done by the staff and players for the Northern Colorado Hailstorm FC which should be a springboard to their inaugural season here in NoCo where the home opener isn't scheduled until June 8th. 

In addition to the Northern Colorado Hailstorm FC, we will have some baseball in our backyard as well as the Northern Colorado Owls get ready to take a swing at their first season in Windsor in the Pioneer League.

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