Anybody who's been to Fort Collins, especially on the weekends, knows what a nightmare it can be to park a car in Old Town.  Well, it looks like city officials are looking for ways to alleviate those stresses, according to The Fort Collins Coloradoan.

The article says the Fort Collins City Council is weighing many options.  The least popular suggestion has been re-instating metered parking in Old Town.  Parking consultant Dennis Burns says everyone he's spoken to has made it clear that this is a bad idea.  Metered parking in Old Town was done away with decades ago, at the request of local merchants.

Other ideas include increasing the amount of bicycle parking in Old Town, which could potentially cut back on the amount of cars on the road in general.  Obviously, this would be good for parking, as well as the environment.

The City Council will begin looking seriously at parking changes next year.  In the meantime, what are your ideas?

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