Last week, we learned that Colorado's favorite Halloween candy is an absolute abomination: black licorice (don't believe me? Zippia has proof).

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I don't know about you, but I am of the opinion that black licorice is the worst. It tastes gross, it smells weird, and it can even kill you.

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Then I thought, surely Northern Coloradans don't hold the same opinion as the rest of the Centennial State. Considering our region's abundance of craft beer and local restaurants, Northern Colorado obviously has great taste, so we must be able to redeem ourselves this Halloween season, right?!


I took to our local Facebook pages to ask you guys about your favorite Halloween candies and the answers were...well, you'll see.

Northern Colorado's Favorite Halloween Candy Is Just as Digusting as Colorado's

A recent poll revealed that Colorado's favorite Halloween candy is black licorice (ew). I thought Northern Colorado could redeem the rest of the state, but alas, I was wrong.

Now, to be fair, lots of you also hate black licorice (Kit Kats and Snickers are particular fan favorites), but it has enough of a fan base here that I stand corrected. I'll admit it — my hatred may be misguided. I may be wrong. Maybe, just maybe, somewhere, somehow, black licorice is...good *shudders*.

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To the Northern Colorado black licorice lovers out there, I extend my sincerest apologies. Still, in a feeble attempt to repair my damaged ego, I would like to conduct a third and final Halloween candy survey:

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk and, regardless of your candy preference, I wish all of you a happy Halloween.

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