When my ladies and I moved back to Fort Collins three years ago, it was weird not knowing anyone who lived around us.

So, we threw a block party.  Ever since, I can tell you the first name of almost everyone on my block.  Many of us intermingle on a pretty consistent basis, or at least are outgoing and friendly when we meet, i.e. at the mailbox or driving down the street.

Why is it good to know, and be on decent terms with, our neighbors?

  • It's pleasant and healthy.  It can make us feel better about ourselves and the world we live in.
  • When one of you leaves town, another can watch over that person's house, and sometimes pets.
  • If something creepy is happening, like when strange cars were parking in front of our house for awhile with people sitting in them for extended periods of time, you can put your heads together and stand against it.  And we have more than once.
  • I like to borrow their tools, so I don't have to own everything.  (They use mine, too.)

Even local city governments encourage being in relationship with our neighbors, because of the safer, healthier atmosphere it can create.  So, depending on what town you live in, you may even be able to get a grant if you want to throw a block party.  You may also be required to obtain a permit.

Here is the information I found on upcoming Neighborhood Nights Out:

Neighborhood Night Out is a nationally scheduled event, so if you don't live in one of the above towns, you can still be super involved.  Here's more on that:

There's no need to overthink the process, either.  When we did our first one, we simply put invitations on everyone's doors, filled the cooler with drinks, made some food, set up a few games in the yard, and put on some tunes.  Nowadays, we tend to lean more in the 'potluck' direction.  Not only is it cheaper, but people like what they like when it comes to food and drink, so sometimes they'd rather bring something, anyway!

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