Townsquare Media NOCO is highlighting businesses throughout Northern Colorado that are still operating through the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis with our NOCO BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT.

Fast food and health food can be a complete hit or miss, especially when you stick to the same places around town. Well, here's your lucky break! A new healthy, on-the-go place is in Windsor and ready to serve!

Fit NoCo is the new hub for meal replacement shakes, energy teas, and protein coffees with flavors beyond your typical chocolate or vanilla. It's a place to come, feel great about the food choices your making, and even hang out in a great atmosphere.

We sat down with Laura Robinson from Fit NoCo to talk about the business, their open arms for new customers coming in with questions, and their grand opening coming up very soon!

Q&A With Laura Robinson From Fit NoCo

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