After over 20 years in Colorado and across the world, you're no longer to be able to purchase Sierra Mist soda as Pepsi has officially canceled the Sprite rival.

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No More Sierra Mist In Colorado

There have been, and continue to be, many great and famous rivalries around the U.S. Be it McDonald's vs. Burger King or Wendy's. Coors vs. Budweiser. Nike vs. Reebok. Playstation vs. X-Box. Or even WWE vs. AEW for my fellow wrestling geeks, the list goes on and on... But one of the biggest of them all will always be Coke vs. Pepsi. Dating back to the early 1900s, this long-standing rivalry is probably the biggest, most public one in history. That rivalry continues in 2023 as Coke has forced Pepsi to make a huge change with one of its longer-standing brands.

Pepsi Says Goodbye To Sierra Mist

One of Coke's biggest-selling products outside of Coca-Cola itself is undoubtedly Sprite. Pepsi has tried multiple times to compete with that tasty lemon-lime-tasting beverage. In the '80s and early '90s, there was "Lemon-Lime Slice," which then morphed into "Storm," before finally transitioning into what we know today as Sierra Mist. This version of Pepsi's lemon-lime soda option was the longest-tenured as it lasted from 1999 until 2023. Yes sadly, much like its lemon-lime-flavored predecessors before it, Sierra Mist is no more.

 Pepsi Replaces Discontinued Sierra Mist With Starry

Courtesy of PepsiCo
Courtesy of PepsiCo

Introducing Sierra Mist's predecessor, "Starry," which is described as a lemon-lime soda with a bite. The new soda became available in stores all over Colorado this week. PepsiCo North America's Danielle Barbaro said in a press release about Starry:

With STARRY, we were able to create a game-changing recipe with the perfect balance of lemon-lime flavor and sweetness compared to the competition.

You'll begin to see the new soda on TV and different product placement all over sports etc. in the coming months according to the press release. I'm a Pepsi guy, so I cannot wait to try this tasty new beverage. Zero sugar, clear beverages are my friend so I'm happy to let you know that Starry is available in regular and in a "Zero Sugar" version. RIP Sierra Mist, and welcome to the party, Starry.

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