3D movies and TV are all the rage, so you knew 3D gaming couldn’t be far behind. However, Nintendo actually issued a warning that it's new 3D gaming system, the Nintendo 3DS, could actually hurt their eyes.

According to a report on CNN,

Kids age 6 and younger who play the 3-D games may have the growth of their eyes stunted, the company said in a statement on its Japanese website.

I’m not sure how that little tidbit will affect sales for Nintendo. Yes, gaming has spread to a much older generation, but it is still primarily aimed at kids. Especially the Nintendo DS systems which will feature the new technology.

Parents can rest assured that the 3D feature can be turned off and passwords can be put in place so kids cannot access the function, but what parent will drop hundred of dollars on a toy that could hurt their child eyes forever?

The Nintendo 3DS has debuted at trade shows and should hit Japanese stores in February and here in the states by March. The cost? It will put you back around $300.

The effect of 3D entertainment on its users is still being debated, but this whole story from Nintendo might just be one big ‘cover-our-backside’ moves by the company in case something does prove detrimental in the future.

3D television makers are already putting out warning that 3D entertainment might not be safe for everyone. According to the story,

TV makers have issued warnings about young people, pregnant women and even drunk people viewing 3-D TV, noting that the medium may cause nausea, dizziness and seizures.

Maybe I’ll stick with good ol’ 2D for now.

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