Corner Liquor at the corner of 6th and Ash, in 'Olde Town' Windsor, was open for decades. Sherry and Sherry closed the store a few years ago. They left the sign.

Our radio stations are located at the corner of 6th and Main in Windsor, so Corner Liquor was always a favorite of the staff, when they were still around. I've recently seen some 'action' going on inside the building, so reached out to find out what's happening.

My contact with the Town of Windsor informed me that a yoga studio is coming to the location. From liquor to 'the lotus,' it sounds like a great idea and a super location. This will be, roughly, the sixth yoga studio for Windsor. The town like so stay fit and relaxed.


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Corner Liquor put up this big marquee-sign on the corner a few years before they closed the doors.

TSM/Dave Jensen

It's interesting how the design on the left hand side of the sign has a 'namaste' feel to it. Maybe the new owners will just get the 'Corner Liquor' taken off and their name put on. Maybe it will be 'Corner Yoga.' That would be neat, right? 'Liquor Yoga' would not work, at all.

I do remember an old story about Corner Liquor. In 2005, someone attempted to rob the store on a Friday afternoon. The owner at that time ended up shooting the perpetrator and that person died of the injuries. It was pretty unnerving for the neighborhood, including our staff here at the station.

We'll keep you posted on when the new yoga studio opens, so we can all relax.

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