Drinking and axe throwing may not sound like the safest combination to have together. But a new business opening in Denver will soon allow you to do both at the same time.

According to the Denver Business Journal, the Canadian chain known as Bad Axe Throwing will be opening a new location on August 11th in Denver. It will be located at 845 East 73rd Avenue.

What is Bad Axe Throwing all about? Well they won't supply the beer and food for you. You have to bring that yourself. But the chain will hook you up with an instructor to show you how it all works (safely) and then you start throwing axes at a target to see who can get the most on the mark.

And yes, the company says it definitely is very safe. Plus, there's that rule that you can't bring your own axes to the venue. So that helps.

Have a birthday party coming up? You can celebrate that there along with bachelor, bachelorette, and many other parties you can think of. Just book your axe throwing lane and you're ready to go.

This will be the company's third location in the United States, with their others being in Chicago and Indianapolis. They operate nine locations in Canada.

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