Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Grease with a Sing Along Party!Sandy, Danny, Rizzo, and Kenickie have been brining you amazing music for 40 years! The movie that everyone knows and loves and arguably the most iconic movie of all time, Grease, is turning 40 this year! You already know all the words to every song and probably every line to the movie, so what better way to celebrate the anniversary than with a Sing Along showing of the movie?

Grease Sing Along showing is this Thursday, June 7th, from 6pm to 8pm at Riverside Library in Evans, Co, 3700 Golden St. Not only is this a sing along but this is a Grease Party with pink ladies jackets, black t-bird, jackets, high school sweaters and hairdresser curlers. Come prepared to have fun with props and subtitles, even though we know you won't need help with the lines! You will not want to miss this 40th Anniversary party of Grease!

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