Desperate to know how long you're going to live?  There could be a simple blood test to let you know.

A blood test that should be available in Europe by the end of this year could give you a pretty good indication of how fast you are aging and how much longer you will live.

The test measures structures on the end of each of your chromosomes, which scientists think may hold the key to determining a person's "true age."

Research has linked shorter than average telomeres to shorter than average lifespans. However, at this point, there is little evidence suggesting that having longer than average telomeres means you are going to live longer.

You know, if this test didn't cost $700 I'd love to get one. First, because I think it would be fascinating to see if it was correct.  Second, I'd like to prove it wrong if it said I was going to die anytime soon. But, I think my $700 bucks would be better spent on a gym membership and some fresh veggies if I am worried about how long I have left to live.

Would you even want to take a test that revealed how much time you had left?

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