Tour de Fat is entering its 20th year, which, for any event based out of Fort Collins, is a huge milestone. That means big changes.

The beloved bike parade and beer and music festival has undergone several adjustments over the years, yet never losing its signature FoCo brand of weirdness. This year, though, residents are bound to be psyched with the direction the festival is taking.

According to a press release, Tour de Fat will kick off on August 31 this year in Fort Collins, then head to Asheville, North Carolina on September 21, and wraps up in Tempe, Arizona on October 5.

If you're someone who likes to go all out for the parade, you'll love the new pedal-powered participant contest, which New Belgium hopes will engage civic and community groups across the city. Entries will be on display at the brewery after the parade, and the winner will receive $500 to spend in the New Belgium Liquid Center...which, hey, that's good seed money for a rager. Just my two cents.

There's also no more gate fee for Tour de Fat⁠— in 2019, the parade and party will be totally free, while beer sales will still fund all of New Belgium's beloved non-profits benefiting the community.

For more information on Tour De Fat, head to New Belgium's FAQ page on the event. It's always been the most colorful, wild, and weird event in Fort Collins, and we're glad it's here to stay.

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