I'm not sure it's possible to live in Fort Collins and not know at least a little bit about New Belgium Brewing Company. Well, the Fort Collins-born purveyor of Fat Tire, Sunshine and many of your favorite beers has released a packaging refresh for all of their products.

According to New Belgium, their traditional packaging had been hand painted by Ann Fitch since the brewery's beginnings. Her work lasted for 22-years and she has now retired. The company decided this was a great time to re-imagine their packing and now we'll be greeted by different labels and boxes for all of their products.

The new designs are from a company called Hatch Design of San Francisco and features illustrations by Leah Giberso.

Check out some of the artwork in the video above, in the Facebook post below, the next time to pass the the NBB beers in stores, or the next time to go visit the brewery.

What do you think of the new packaging?

As much as I'll miss some of the old designs, I think I like the new ones quite a bit.

In line with our Belgian-beer roots, we're a brewery and culture of innovation. We've done that with our beer portfolio for more than two decades, and it felt right to evolve our look as we've evolved our beers. While we were doing that, Ann Fitch announced that she was retiring from commercial production. In the end it was a happy circumstance and a win-win for all parties in that regard. Her final label, Accumulation White IPA, captures the New Belgium Airstream -- a significant part of our history that, like Ann, helped take New Belgium story to the rest of the country.

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