The saying goes, ‘If you don’t change, you die.’ New Belgium is taking that to heart; changing things up, while saying ‘see ya!’ to three of their beers.  It’s never an easy street when you lose a favorite; which of the three will you miss the most?

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New Belgium Brewery has been famous for many things including, being employee owned; their sustainability, and their beers. Fat Tire started it all, way back when. Who hasn’t had a Fat Tire? Who hasn’t wanted to own a New Belgium Fat Tire bike? It’s good to know, though it’s not one of my favorites, that Fat Tire isn’t going anywhere.

The Coloradoan has the story on how New Belgium is doing some housecleaning. With that, starting in January we’ll be seeing four NEW ‘flagship’ beers and some rebranding of some others. Ranger IPA, for example, will be re-branded as ‘Voodoo Ranger IPA.’ They’ll also be ceasing production of three of their brews.

OK, I get it: Gotta keep moving, shaking it up, showin’ folks they’re not ‘the same ol, same ol’.’ What gets me, is that the article just lists the three beers that are going away as almost a small footnote; where I find it a damn shame that they’re being discontinued!

The trio being shown the door:

Shift (Pale Ale)

Slow Ride (Session IPA)

Snapshot (Wheat)


These, to me, are all fantastic beers! Slow Ride is probably my favorite of the three; I love a great Session IPA. I have enjoyed all three over the years, however. I’m going to have to guess that there just weren’t enough of us out there purchasing these three beers to make it worth the time to brew, where now they’ll be brewing up diddies like ‘Tartastic Lemon Ginger Sour.’ Sad. Just, sad.

I became curious to if I’m alone in my sadness? So, I decided to whip up a poll to take the pulse of the public. I’m not going to start a thing on to have them bring back the trio, but damnit- why can’t we have nice things?

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