When Fort Collins resident Sophie McVicker's cat Samwise escaped on July 11, she did everything she could to find him, from putting up flyers to posting on Facebook groups.

Thankfully, her efforts paid off, and she found her furry friend. But, as she was taking him back home, something extra special happened.

A little girl stopped McVicker and asked if Samwise was the lost cat she had seen posters of. McVicker told her that he was, and the girl explained that she and her friends had spent the entire day biking around the neighborhood looking for him.

McVicker said the girl was so relieved that Samwise had been found. Touched, she introduced the cat to the girl and her friends.

Later, McVicker was taking down her flyers in the neighborhood when she noticed some new, hand-drawn flyers below hers that the kids had made for Samwise.

The kids' posters of Samwise. Courtesy of Sophie McVicker.
The kids' posters of Samwise. Courtesy of Sophie McVicker.

"I cried, it was so cute and the sweetest thing ever, perfect end to an emotional day and the cherry on top of finding my kitty," said McVicker in a Facebook post. "Thank you to those sweet kids and the family for helping look...those pictures are hanging on my fridge now, I love them."

Samwise didn't comment on the situation...but McVicker said he sure is happy to be home.

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