Are you a college student who loves dogs? Do you want to know the secret about how to get a furry companion... for free? Well, learn from my experience! I have always been jealous of people who had dogs on campus and often wondered why that wasn’t me. I had several friends tell me about the fostering process and how easy it was: all you had to provide is your love and time, and you wouldn’t be financially responsible for the pup. Which is what all college students like to hear, right?

I wasn’t sure if I could take on a full course load, an internship, a part time job and have free time for myself aside from taking care of a dog. It’s not a “ruff” process; I quickly learned how simple it was to get a foster dog in just three easy steps!

1) I went to Animal House’s website, a rescue and grooming facility just north of Fort Collins, and filled out a simple and quick application.

2) Once my application got approved, I had to attend a mandatory orientation. There, I filled out paperwork and was given an informational fostering packet about what is expected of a foster dog parent.

3) Then they scheduled a housing visit to make sure I could provide a safe and loving environment suited for any dog.

Not even a day later I was able to drive to Animal House and pick up my first foster dog! I went for a brief walk with the dog at the shelter, and before I knew it, I was driving down the road with a bag full of goodies and a new furry friend!


Juggling school and a dog can be hard, but I promise you it’s easy if you are a dog lover like me! Not to mention it has been one of the best decisions of my life. It has helped me gain a sense of responsibility and helps me get out of the house. And if you’re like me and you chose to take on a puppy, don’t worry, the dog park will soon become your best friend because those little guys have a lot of energy! If you are stressed about your homework, it’s alright, they are right there to help you! And don’t worry if they end up eating it because you can use the famous excuse, “My dog ate my homework” and you actually wouldn’t be lying!

If you are interested in Fostering a dog or even adopting a dog if you are feeling frisky check out Animal House!

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