This week we posted a story which included video of the inside of the abandoned Longmont Sugar Mill. But here's new video with another great perspective!

I have to say, Shutter Mafia Studios does a great job of capturing images and video that make you wanting more. After we did the initial Longmont Sugar Mill story, we kept on digging for even more videos.

And they didn't disappoint us with another video which puts the abandoned building in a whole different light.

It's one thing to see the inside of something that is abandoned. But what if you had a drone and could get a birds eye perspective on the situation?

That's exactly what they did, and here is the video to show what they saw.

I'm still sitting here trying to figure out what is creepier: watching them walk around the inside of the building, or seeing the full carnage of the former sugar mill from up above.

Take a look for yourself and be ready to be intrigued. After watching these videos, I hope the structure stays there for many years to come. There is too much history behind those walls (and under the roof) to see it be taken away.

What do you think?



(Again...big thanks to Shutter Mafia Studios for posting these great videos on Youtube!)


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