When a child needs to be fed, it needs to be fed. But to put your child in a dangerous situation to feed them is crossing the line.

Washington State Patrol responded to a 911 call about an infant in the driver's seat of a car speeding down a busy interstate north of Seattle.

Trooper Rocky Oliphant caught up to the car, a Honda Accord, in Everett, Washington, to make a "welfare check." Oliphant did find a baby sitting in the driver's seat - being breastfed.

The 44-year-old mother's reasoning was that the baby screams out of control when he gets hungry, according to spokesman Trooper Mark Francis.

"It would be terrible if I didn't stop her and made sure the child was safe," says Oliphant, who issued the mother a child restraint violation - a $136 ticket - and made sure the baby was secured in a car seat before the mother took off. He added that Child Protective Services will be notified for a follow-up.

"You see people do crazy things while they're driving, like people smoking heroin," said Francis. "But a baby between you and the steering wheel is extremely unsafe."

Just like you should never text and drive, please don't breastfeed your child while you're driving. Pull over to a safe environment for you and the child. It can wait.

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