The intersection at Mulberry and Lemay was closed for several hours on Saturday morning due to a crash. The crash involved a Fort Collins Police Services cruiser, that landed upside down.

The police officer had lights flashing and sirens going heading northbound on Lemay. A Honda Accord was headed westbound on Mulberry and ended up t-boning the police cruiser in the intersection of Mulberry and Lemay. The police cruiser ended up rolling and landing upside down. Luckily, there were no serious injuries according to Fort Collins Police Services.

Most drivers know to move over to the right lane and slow down when they see lights flashing. This is actually a law in Colorado, a move-over law. Most states have something similar. This allows emergency vehicles to get to where they need to be quicker and safer. We are moving over to get out of the way.

If it's not safe or you are unable to move one lane to the right, drivers are supposed to drop their speed by 20 mph when an emergency vehicle is approaching according to The Fang Law Firm.

When you are at an intersection this may get a little trickier. There are 4 directions of traffic. The Fang Law Firm explains Colorado's move-over law says "drivers in Colorado must also immediately yield the right-of-way and move to the farthest right-hand lane available, if possible when approached by emergency vehicles using their audible or visual emergency signals. Drivers must stop in these situations and remain halted until the emergency vehicle has passed."

This is a great reminder to pay attention while driving.

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