More counties across Colorado are beginning to join Larimer in mandating indoor mask use to keep COVD numbers down, Larimer is seeing implementing issues.

The Larimer County Department of Health & Environment announced an indoor mask-use mandate that went into effect on October 20, 2021. Now that the mandate is one month old, we're seeing that folks are notifying the health department about non-compliance.

900 complaints is a lot. These are people concerned that the business they reported on is not doing al they can to have customers use masks, hoping that the county can do something. According to 9News, the county has a system for this.

The County's Usual System:

  • When there are two unique complaints about a business, a call is made
  • If there are more than five, the county pays the business a visit.
  • A notice of violation may be filed, which could lead to closure.

How are you doing with the mandate? When I go in to a local business in Loveland or Fort Collins, I see a mix of people with masks and without. I know that I have not seen anybody telling people to put a mask on; I think we're all about over confrontations on it.

900 businesses is a lot for the county to check out; but if they do show up at a business, what really happens, I wonder? It would take a lot to force a business to close, and then in the meantime the reason the county was called out, could just resume.

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It's not clear on how many businesses in Larimer County are involved in the 900 complaints; but with more counties bringing back the mandates, it doesn't look like Larimer's will be going away any time soon.

Get more from 9News HERE.

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