Are you ready for some Monster Truck Action in Northern Colorado? Good, because Bigfoot and the gang are coming back to town in April of 2022.

Not to sound all Monster Truck announcer like but get ready because Monster Trucks are coming for 2 days only, April 15th & 16th at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland. Friday Friday Friday and Saturday Saturday Saturday ONLY. Wow, sorry about that. Got carried away. Tickets go on sale this Friday, November 25th, but there's a special pre-sale happening now if you're a part of the Bud Event Centers "Cyber Club"

Here's some pictures from the last "Toughest Monster Truck" show at the BEC that I took my son to:

Monster Trucks Are Coming Back To Budweiser Events Center In April 2022

My son is 5 and I'd be willing to bet he's been to at least 10 Monster Truck shows so far. He has probably 300 of the little toy Monster Trucks at home and just about every toy accessory they make to really take his collection to the next level. We literally cannot stop at the store without going to the toy aisle to see all of the trucks and get the ones we don't have. Lately though, with there being a shortage of literally everything, the aisles are bare more often than not. Are your kiddos big Monster Truck fans as well? If not, take them to the show this April and they'll be hooked. Get more info and tickets HERE

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