With thousands of homes being destroyed in the Marshall Fire, many folks are looking for temporary places to call home and some rental properties are taking full advantage of the situation with ridiculously high rent.

Marshall Fire Victims Being Price Gouged On Rent

December 30th, 2021, is a day that no Colorado person will soon forget as the horrific scenes of the Marshall Fire running rampant all over the great cities of Superior and Louisville, leaving next to nothing in its path, will always live in our minds.

Watching the news coverage and seeing these families' homes, with all of their prized possessions and memories, go up in flames in seconds. Feeling helpless knowing, not even the firefighters could battle the extreme wind conditions to slow the fire from spreading so quickly.

Now that the damage has been done, these homeowners are doing their best to look to the future and rebuild their lives one day at a time. Sadly though, some people are taking advantage of an extremely heartbreaking situation, especially when it comes to rental properties in the area.

Facebook user Elyse Zuniga created a post showing multiple rental homes charging almost double what the rent would typically be. Here are just a few of the examples she posted.

As seen in the post, this estimated rent on this home is $2,858, they now have listed at $4,295.

Or this one which is estimated to rent for $2,134 asking for almost $4,000.

$5,800 for a 3 bedroom house in Louisville? Wow.

$6,500 for a 3 bedroom house in Superior?

Or even this 2 bedroom apartment in Broomfield nearly doubles its price to $3,000.

While some in the Facebook posts comment chain are sighting "supply and demand", this seems a bit extreme considering what these people just went through. Using the lowest point in some of these people's lives as a cash grab really speaks volumes to their true character.

It's gotten so bad that Attorney General Phil Weisler has spoken out to the major real estate marketplace businesses in the area to encourage them to do whatever they can do to stop this ridiculous price gouging. You can see the entire Facebook post and more ridiculous price-gouging home photos HERE.

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