This morning, I woke up at 4:30 A.M. (yikes) because someone outside my apartment window was shouting at someone else.

This isn't uncommon.  I live downtown, for Pete's sake.  However, when it happens this early (and it involves someone shouting, 'YOU STOLE MY CAR!'), I gotta whip out the video camera.

It turns out, this man had been harassing downstairs tenants of my apartment building and was confronted by a resident (who we call 'Hall Dad') who told him to stop being so loud.  After more shouting ensued, the man ran to the lobby and attempted to go through our mailboxes.

He then ran into another resident in the hall who was warming up his car outside (Colorado Puffer Laws, anyone?).  Without thinking (I assume), the man ran outside, got into the resident's car, and tried to drive away.  The aftermath of this you can see in the video above.

The Fort Collins Police were on the scene in seconds (turns out Hall Dad called the police when he was banging on their doors), but ended up not arresting this man and letting him go, despite the fact that he was most likely tripping on something I've never even heard of.

UPDATE: The Fort Collins Police says the man had health issues and this is why they did not arrest him despite, you know, the fact that he tried to steal a car.

Is it bad that the whole time they were questioning him, I wanted to turn on my giant, bright Christmas tree and remind everyone of the spirit of Christmas?

Bad idea? Hmm, glad I passed.

Madison Scruggs is the Digital Editor for this site.

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