A 20-year-old man has been arrested after police learned he lied to them about his name in an incident at the Greeley Chuck E. Cheese.

The Greeley Tribune reports, on January 26, police were called to the Greeley Mall Chuck E. Cheese after someone reported naked man outside the business. When police arrived, they found the man finishing getting dressed on the edge of the property.

The man, later identified as Eduardo Jose Zaragoza ran from the police toward the Greeley mall where he was stopped by another police officer. During a short conversation with the officers Zaragoza took off fall his clothes again with mall shoppers present.

He then put his clothes back on, and took off running into the Greeley mall where he was apprehended by Greeley Police and taken into custody. He then identified himself as "Mato Porro" which was not his real name. He was then booked into the Weld County Jail, issued a summons and released.

A Greeley gang detective later identified Zaragoza as the man who identified himself has "Mato Porro." On February 15 an Evans police officer found Zaragoza at a convenience store in Evans. Greeley police were called to come pick him up and take him to jail.

Zarogoza was charged with public indecency and attempting to influence a public servant.

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