Remember a short time ago when we were wearing shorts, and wondering when the cool weather would commence? Looks like it's finally come to Colorado.

In typical Colorado fashion, looks like we may have skipped fall and went directly from summer to winter. And next week, we could experience some of the coldest air we have seen in quite a long time.

According to CBS 4 Denver, models are showing a very strong storm system making it's way down from Canada early next week and some snow for the lower elevations could be part of the game plan.

Meteorologists are saying that we could see temperatures next week barely creep into the 20's, and overnight lows could be dangerously cold in many parts of the state.

Either way you look at it, your heating systems will be working overtime in your house next week so make sure they are ready to go to handle the onslaught of the wintry weather.



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