Have you enjoyed the beautiful warm temperatures the last couple weeks in Colorado? There's a chance Mother Nature will kick us to reality this upcoming weekend.

According to the website Mountain Wave WX (and many other weather websites), eyes are being kept on the upcoming weekend for the possibility of a major Spring storm that has the potential to give us inches of rain, feet of snow, or nothing at all.

Mountain Wave states that the following information can be said about the storm so far, even though we are still a few days away from it:

  • This is a strong system, it will be able to pull colder air from the North which may make it cold enough for snow. This is a huge question mark right now as other models predict less cold air and even the Euro questions how much cold air this system will be able to tap into. (Info provided by Mountain Wave)
  • Every model agrees on the moisture with this storm. As it slides South, it will begin to tap into moisture flow from the Gulf of Mexico. (Info provided by Mountain Wave)
  • Upslope flow is another ingredient all models agree on, this will enhance precipitation along the front range of Colorado. (Info provided by Mountain Wave)

While the earlier Euro models showed the storm as being an absolute monster on Sunday, newer models have backed off the earlier claims (of a possibility of 50 inches) but the storm is still a giant with one track showing it giving two feet of snow for the Front Range.

What's this mean for Northern Colorado?

Well, right now, NOTHING.

We are still a few days away and anything can change with the track and intensity of the storm, including the possibility that we don't see anything.

What is almost a certainty is that anywhere in the high plains of the United States should be paying attention to this storm, and that wherever it hits will be hit with LOTS of precipitation.

What isn't a certainty is if Colorado will even be affected.

Lastly, we know it's only one model, the Euro model, predicting that Colorado could get hit hardest by this storm. But keep in mind, according to Mountain Wave, the Euro was the only model that got the last blizzard predicted correctly.

So...there's that.