Where in the world is Lorde?

The Grammy-winning global pop star has been notably absent from the internet and, save for a few exceptions, the public in general for the past few years. She's been a ghost on social media, but on Thursday (August 27), the elusive singer finally resurfaced online.

In two idyllic photos shared by her friend, actress and director Cazzie David, on Instagram, a barefooted and fancy free Lorde can be spotted swinging alongside another pal, Cazzie's sister Romy, on a tree swing somewhere out in nature.

See the free-spirited photos, below:

Lorde last posted on Instagram in April 2018, when she shared a blurry performance photo. Her last tweet was shared in 2017.

In early 2019, the pop phenom turned up in Antarctica, of all places, during a visit to a scientific research lab. While there, she took selfies and videos with some of the staff and scientists on duty.

Lorde's second studio album, Melodrama, was released in 2017.

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