The town of Niwot was sent into a frenzy on Tuesday over a llama named Ethel who had escaped her home.

According to the Daily Camera, deputies spent over 2 hours trying to wrangle the camelid after it allegedly jumped a fence mid-Tuesday morning at Haystack Heritage Farms, located in the 7000 block of North 73rd Street. Ethel's owner, Tyra Haley, called animal control twice when Ethel did not return home.

One responding animal control officer, Jennifer Appelmann, says it's not uncommon for livestock to run away like this. However, she adds, llamas are particularly tricky to capture.

"They are so smart," Appelmann told the Daily Camera. "They don't just come to you, like a horse," adding that they aren't usually enticed by things like feed, though it worked in this case with Ethel.

Roads near the farm were temporarily closed while deputies attempted to capture the llama, but she fortunately did not venture into the busy, speeding traffic of Colorado 119.

Eventually herding Ethel down the farm's driveway was a success, and she rejoined her 9 other llama friends.

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