One Direction cutie Liam Payne has dealt with a pretty significant health problem for most of his life.  Payne, who turns 19 at the end of this month, had a sole working kidney, which was likely due to being born prematurely. However, he got some good news regarding his organs and found out both are working now.

As a result of his condition, Payne had to be careful about consuming alcohol and about partying too hard. That had to suck, since he is one of the most famous young gents on the planet and he had to be super cautious and was probably unable to fully enjoy himself at times. However, the singer revealed that he has learned his once faulty kidneys are now functioning properly.

Great news Liam. We are so happy to hear it.

He tweeted the good news to his fans, which you can check out below. His bandmate Niall Horan replied to the tweet, posting, “@Real_Liam_Payne well if ur kidneys workin now…comin for a pint? ahhaha i joke.” That tweet looks to have been deleted from Horan’s feed.

All jokes and kidding aside, we are glad that Payne’s kidneys righted themselves and that they are at full strength.

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