Presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has named Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin his running mate.

Shortly after informing supporters of the decision, the Romney-Ryan campaign called the duo “America’s comeback team.”

The 42-year-old Ryan first entered Congress at the age of 28.

Ryan, who has been in Congress for seven terms, serves as chairman of  the House Budget Committee.

Ryan has deflected talk of being Romney’s running mate in the past, telling the Wall Street Journal in April, “It’s [Romney's] decision months from now, not mine. So why spend my time thinking about it? If this bridge ever comes that I should cross it, then I’ll think about it then.”

Ryan, who hails from Janesville, Wisconsin, graduated from Ohio’s Miami University in 1992 and is also a senior member of the House’s Ways and Means Committee.

The Romney-Ryan campaign moved swiftly after announcing the news of Ryan joining the ticket, creating a new website for voters.

Ryan has been married to his wife, Janna, since 2000. They have three children.

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