With Christmas just around the corner (believe it or not it's Friday) here are a couple of last minute gift ideas to help you if you are stuck and running out of time.

  • Tom Brakefield
    Tom Brakefield

    Adopt a Lion, Tiger, or Bear

    Probably one of the coolest gifts I could think of to get a kid of any age or an adult. The Wildlife Sanctuary offers adoptions for all of it's animals. Prices range from $10-$30 a month and go to help the welfare of the animal. The Sanctuary is a great idea to take a holiday outing this Christmas Season as well.

    When you adopt one of the animals, you receive a certificate, t-shirt, and framed photo. If you adopt a Lion, Tiger, Bear, (or similar smaller animal), you get admission to the Sanctuary at no charge. This gift is creative, helps animals, and is a sweet gift for anyone. It's the perfect gift that helps a good cause.


  • MihailUlianikov

    Calendar Eye Candy for a Cause

    Give the gift that will bring smiles month after month. The Colorado Firefighter Calendar is perfect to enjoy seeing what day it is today. Heck it might make you forget what month we are on all together. This too is a gift that supports another great organization in Colorado.

    Learn all about those that fight fires here at home in Colorado each month, or you can keep it on the one you like the most. Personally...I would keep it just on the cover. It's another great gift that helps others because all the proceeds go the Firefighters Burn Camp that helps children that have been affected by fires.



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    Organize with Style

    If you are stuck on what to get someone that has everything, why not help them organize all that they have? You can even personalize the organization. Thirty-One Bags are perfect for anything in the home, office, for a home office, or the car.

    From bags that are perfect for on the go, for shelves or even baby bags. You can also organize all the remote controls or charging cords that hang around. They even have cute, but very functional purses, bags, and wallets. Everything can be personalized and designed so let the creativity flow!



  • Serhiy Zavalnyuk
    Serhiy Zavalnyuk

    Chocolate Heaven

    Did you know there is such a thing as Chocolate BBQ sauce, Chocolate Salsa, and Chocolate Margaritas? I'm not making it up because, they really do exist and not only are they delicious and chocolate but they are Dove Chocolate!

    Perfect for the Chocolate Lover or the Food Lover or anyone who loves to try new or different (but very delicious) foods. Or if you are looking for something different to host a party? Chocolate Chicken Tacos with Chocolate Margaritas are perfect!

  • Anne-Louise Quarfoth
    Anne-Louise Quarfoth

    Make Your Own Calendar

    Pick your favorite pictures and create a collage for each month and make your very own personalized calendar to share with loved ones. Remember fun times, memories from each month, or how far you've come in a year. I got a calendar as a gift last year and I loved it!

    Collage.com not only has calendars but many other creative gifts that give that special personalized touch. From sets of cards and canvas to even blankets. You can put your own photos on practically anything. They have ways to help you design things and the quality isn't sub par at all!

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