She came. She saw. She flashed the bird. She smoked pot. She partied with Lindsay Lohan (and reportedly Lana Del Rey). And now she’s left.

It was a busy week for Lady Gaga as she hit Los Angeles with a pair of one-digit salutes, talked cucumbers and vasectomies with a troubled (former) starlet and then bounced as fashionably as she arrived. She boarded a private jet when leaving the City of Angels, wearing a covetable pair of Chanel suspenders and studded Mary Jane platforms.

Gaga was snapped making her glamorous exit from her hotel looking fashionably demure — only Gaga can make those two adjectives works in concert with her attire, since they tend to be mutually exclusive. She paired a pleated black skirt and cream coat with said accessories. She also fastened a black, satin bow headband in her mane of long, platinum locks. It was quite a schoolgirl look and Gaga exhibited a classy vibe in her choice of outfit.

The Mother Monster had arrived in underwear-as-outerwear and even hit Starbucks in similar fashion while she raged on the Left Coast. She covered up and rocked a totally different look, but turned heads just the same. Amen, fashion.

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