Gym Class Heroes were invited to film a VH1 Unplugged special last month, which was a cool honor, but one that also presented some logistical problems for the band, given that all six of their hit singles to date feature guest artists singing the hook. How would they perform those songs live? Enter Patrick Stump, the former Fall Out Boy frontman and early GCH producer, who stepped in for Adam Levine on the unplugged version of ‘Stereo Hearts.’

VH1 released a clip of the song to promote the full Unplugged special, which is available now on the network’s website. Stump’s presence isn’t the only thing different about the song; two violins appear prominently next to acoustic guitars to give the track a different sound.

Stump sat in with Gym Class Heroes for a large part of the taping, which makes sense since he sang the choruses on the studio versions of ‘Cupid’s Chokehold’ and ‘Clothes Off!’ Stump produced the group’s 2006 album ‘As Cruel As School Children,’ so he and the boys go way back.

Frontman Travie McCoy told VH1, “I’ve actually been dying for this day. It gives us a chance to breathe new life into these songs as we strip them down, it’s very cool.”

Watch Gym Class Heroes Perform ‘Stereo Hearts’ With Patrick Stump

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