Nelly Furtado tooks us behind the scenes of the Vancouver video shoot for the title track of her new album ‘The Spirit Indestructible,’ which drops Sept. 18 after being pushed back from June. This vid was filmed outside, since Furtado wanted to reconnect with her past and to celebrate her love of the great outdoors.

“It’s got an elemental theme,” the Canadian singer tells the camera about ‘Spirit Indestructible.’ She continued, “I love nature. My first video ever was in nature, ‘I’m Like a Bird.’ So I do see this new album as sort of a coming home into the original reason why I make music in the first place, with is to have fun and rejoice.”

This song (and Furtado’s attitude) represent a marked difference from the album’s first single ‘Big Hoops (Bigger the Better),’ a fluffy banger which had nothing to do with nature and was icily received by radio.

Furtado also shares that this song is important to her as an artist because of the message of spirituality and positivity it embodies. “It’s meant to be empowering, it’s mean to be a tribute to all of us. We all have indestructible spirits,” she said.

But relax, this BTS clip is not as heavy as we’ve just made it sound. We see the lighter side of the lovely Furtado, who does a quasi rap, complete with accompanying hand motions, of the vowel sounds, which also factors into the song.

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Clip of Nelly Furtado ‘The Spirit Indestructible’ Video

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