Lady Gaga was not a happy camper when the name and images of the bottle of her debut scent leaked to the media earlier this week, thanks to overzealous magazine editors who received samples in order to feature the perfume in their long-lead publications. Now that the word is out, what will Fame smell like?

Gaga tweeted an image of the box including the scent ingredients, and it’s some interesting stuff, like Tears of Belladonna, pulverized apricot and more. What about unicorn tears? Anything is possible in Gaga’s world. Whatever happened to tuberose or vanilla, which are popular notes in most celeb scents? But then again, this the Mother Monster’s scent and it will not be like anything else you’ve smelled.

Nevertheless, Gaga was not pleased when editors beat her to the punch, which is rare since Gaga controls information and how it’s disseminated by being so open on Twitter. The editors certainly blew up her spot by sharing the details first, stripping her of the chance to do a big reveal. But she quickly leaped into reaction mode and shared a photo of the bottle, box and the list of notes that comprise Fame.

Gaga will not be one-upped, people.

Below is her tweet expressing displeasure at editors, in the cutest possible way. Then she tweeted the back of the box, with the fragrance’s notes and accords.

We can just imagine her SMF (shaking my fist) at the screen when she saw the images of the scent, which comes in black liquid form, leaking all over the web.



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