Most of us have had that dream of becoming a pilot when we were little kids. Though there are different forms of entertainment today, there are kids out there with the same dream.

We are teaming up with The Flying School, Northern Colorado's leading flight training facility, to have two kids from Northern Colorado experience a FREE FLYING CAMP this summer!

All you need to do is write us about why your child wants to learn to fly. Tell us about his or her dreams of being a pilot. What kind of aircraft they'd like to fly as a professional pilot? Whatever the dream, the first step is with this free flying camp at The Flying School at the Northern Colorado Regional Airport in Loveland.

This camp is for one week and there will be two winners: 1 Middle Schooler and 1 High Schooler. This is a $650 value.

The Flying School has been in operation since 1996 and they take great pride in their exceptionally well maintained fleet. Their instructors are hand selected for their flying experience and teaching styles.

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