With the start of school, the presence of crossing guards, and tiny pedestrians making their way into school, Fort Collins Police are cracking down on speeding.

The Fort Collins Police Traffic Unit has ramped up its presence around school zones and has already written a hefty number of tickets. On Wednesday, Sept. 1, in morning enforcement alone, the Traffic Unit wrote 14 speeding tickets.

The highest speed that got a ticket? 17 miles per hour over the speed limit.

So, if you're driving around a school zone, keep a watchful eye on the speed limit and a lookout for any pedestrians or cyclists on their way to school. In general, just obey the limit.

Fort Collins' Safe Routes to School program

For any students biking, walking, or busing to school, the City has put a program in place to increase the safety of students traveling to and from home.

The program offers safety classes for biking and pedestrians, as well as implements and oversees safer bike lanes and sidewalks. They also help enforce the speed limit in school zones and other areas to help calm and monitor traffic.

The Safe Routes to School program has received funding from the Colorado Department of Transportation in the past to build and improve safer crossing on busy streets, like the intersection of Drake and Hampshire for Blevins Middle School students.

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