Maybe John Travolta needs to learn a little bit about personal space.

While walking the 2015 Oscars red carpet tonight (Feb. 22), the actor wrapped his arms around Scarlett Johansson's waist and planted a kiss on her cheek -- problem is, she has a scowl on her face that is not going away any time soon. Yikes.

While it seems that the (super awkward) pic just so happened to be taken at an inopportune moment -- considering later photos showed Johansson beaming as she hugged Travolta -- the actor's friendliness is a little, well, excessive. In fact, this was just his first too-close-for-comfort interaction of the night -- he later touched Idina Menzel's face while the two were presenting the Oscar for Best Original Song together. (See that awkward GIF here.)

Unlike ScarJo's apparent "get away from me" expression (which you can see for yourself in the photo above) Idina Menzel was a little more demure, opting instead to move her face from side to side in an apparent attempt to diffuse the awkward moment (and remove her face from John Travolta's hands).

Whether the leading ladies actually felt uncomfortable by John Travolta's handsy hellos, one thing's for sure: It looks like he may have been taking a page or two from Vice President Joe Biden's social etiquette handbook at the 2015 Oscars tonight. Awkward, for sure.

See the awkward photo of John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson's red carpet smooch above. What do you think of the pic?

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